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Constractive Conjunction and Modal Perfect

Contrastive conjunctions
Contrastive conjunctions are used to link two different ideas or statement that has contrast meaning.

·         But
·         Tetapi
·         Still
·         Masih
·         Although
·         Walaupun
·         Though
·         Meskipun
·         Whereas
·         Sedangkan
·         While
·         Sementara
·         Yet
·         Namun

Examples are:
► It is a small but practical kitchen.
► Despite lower carbon dioxide emissions, diesel cars may promote more global warming than gasoline
► In spite of the cooling tend that has been observed for Antarctica as a whole, one region of the continent
     has actually contradicted the mean trend and warmed over the same time period: the Bellingshausen Sea

Modal Perfect
Modal verbs can be used in a variety of different forms. In a perfect tense. Here the modal verb is used to express possibilty or probabality . But since the modal is used totalk about the past, can we use words such as yesterday, last week, and a month ago. 

could have _____
couldn't have _____
past ability         
should have ____
shouldn't have ____     
You did or didn't do something that was a good idea.
would have ____
wouldn't have _____
past condition / past situation   
may have _____
may not have _____
past possibility 
might have ______
might not have _____
past possibility 

Examples are:
► The boy could have done the dishes himself, but his father decided to help.
► This house of cards would have fallen over if the person who built it hadn't been so careful.
► My grandfather may have used this camera when he was a young man, but I'm not sure.

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